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Escaping the Escape Game

Escaping the Escape Game

Orlando Florida is home to many famous attractions; From Disney Parks to Oldtown,  Disney springs (previously known as Downtown Disney) to The Gaylord hotel, Aquatica to Gatorland, and many more; it seems as though Orlando is bursting at the seams with fun things to do.  However, hidden behind all of the large and well-known attractions lies a true hidden gem,

States Raider Competition

Last weekend the Palmetto High School Mixed team varsity raiders got to participate in the varsity state competition! They placed first in tire flip, fourth on litter Carry, the 5k run, and obstacle course. They also placed fifth in Rope bridge. Overall they placed third in the state. Congratulations to all of our raiders who

The Nintendo Switch – Everything You Should Know

On Thursday, January 12th, Nintendo hosted a live event showing off many new features of their new upcoming console, the “Nintendo Switch.” During the event, Nintendo went over information regarding its release: The Switch is scheduled to release March 3rd, 2017, and will retail for $300.00 USD It will feature two “Joy-Con” controllers to be used, either

Dakota Access Pipeline

As of late, one of the biggest environmental issues has been the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Dakota Access Pipeline (or DAPL) is a 1,172 mile long underground oil pipeline that is currently under construction. It runs from North Dakota, through South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois, parallel to the Northern Border Pipeline, which was built in

Presidential Feel on Campus

November 8th brought many,many feelings across the nation. Some of these feelings coming directly from our student body.  Over campus students expressed their political views, some with Trump Pins others with trump flags on their automobiles. Some students had no opinion such as sophomore Jessica Flores. “I feel bad for those students whose parents do

NES: Classic Edition – Scalpers Strike Again

Video game media has always been back-and-forth. There’s some things that you think may go up in value, and some you could never imagine would. The release of the “NES Classic Edition” was definitely something nobody expected to skyrocket in price, and proves how being unprepared for a hyped product can destroy the availability for

Varsity Raiders County Competition

Saturday October 29th was districts for the Varsity Male, Female, and Mixed raider team. Teams arrived at Braden River High School at 6:30 in the morning awaiting their first event, the 5K run at 7:45.  Events at the districts included the rope bridge, litter carry, tire flip, and an obstacle course, where cadets had to

Review: AHS Season 6

The time has come for the new season of American Horror Story to premiere. While producers released tons of mini teasers all summer, the season is here. This season kicks off with the introduction of a married couple, Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) losing a baby and moving into an exquisite North

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

This spring, fans of the hit AMC TV show, The Walking Dead, were left hanging on a cliff after the season 6 finale. At the end of the finale, Rick Grimes and his group are encircled by a group called the Saviors, led by a man named Negan. Negan proceeds to beat an unknown survivor

Godzilla: Resurgence

Ever since his debut in 1954, Godzilla has been a worldwide icon for decades. His destruction upon cities and fights with other gigantic monsters has made him a staple in the entertainment industry. So, to take all of his rampage and carnage from his older films and give it the modern-day touch, how will it