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PHS Soccer

Boys’ Varsity Soccer Wins District Final

Boys’ Varsity Soccer Wins District Final

The boys’ soccer team defeated Braden River High School 6-1 tonight at Buffalo Creek Park. Senior Ty Dolan scored three goals, with Emmanuel Martinez, Jorge Morales, and John Reynold all scoring one goal each. The boys will now advance to the region playoffs at home. Their quarterfinal game will be played this Wednesday  against Naples


Behind the Scenes of Siesta Key

MTV’s new show Siesta Key has led to many questions over how reality shows are made, who gets cast, and if any of it is even real. The article, “How To: Get on a Reality TV Show” clears up the speculations over casting, but what about the reality of the show and how it was


Sunday is the Day of Rest, and Monday is the Day for PROTEST

On Monday, August 21st, there is set to be protests about two separate issues in our county. Starting at 11 a.m. on Monday the people behind the Facebook page, “Protest Against Animal Abuse/ Deliver the Shark Petition,” will stage a protest against the Florida Fishermen who allegedly drug a shark behind their boat and allegedly abused


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

On Friday, May 11th, the newest installment of the Marvel Universe hit movie theaters, and Guardians of the Galaxy is everything that it has been hyped up to be. Some people believed that because of all the trailers released,  all the good, action packed and funny scenes had already been shown, but the producers were