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Traditions: Red Shoe Friday!!!

What traditions do your high schools have? Here at Palmetto High School, one of our game day traditions is Red Shoe Friday. What is Red Shoe Friday? Red Shoe Friday is when all students on Friday’s wear any type of red shoes to show their school spirit. If students wear red shoes, they receive a

To All The Chocolate Lovers Out There…

To start out the 2021-22 school year, we have a chocolate sale happening that is put on by the JROTC program here at Palmetto High School. Basically, JROTC kids at Palmetto High carry a variety of chocolates around campus and sell it for a $1 to each student who wants one. This sale happens from August to early October. The money

Newest Enforced Headphone policy

The newest rule about headphones on campus has some students and teachers conflicted. The newest enforced policy states that students are only allowed one ear bud at lunch and no ear buds in the hallway or in class.   This newest policy has students such as Kayleigh Jeffereys and Carlos Picart disagreeing with the rule.   “I think the new headphone policy is senseless.