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Black History Month

This article is focusing on Africans Americans who made accomplishments. February 1976 is when Black History Month went from celebrated from a week to being celebrated the entire month. This month is a annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their role in U.S. history. I interviewed my History teacher,

Lady Tigers Regional Semi-Finals

Our ladies Tigers has made it to the regional semi-finals!! I am beyond proud of our girls basketball team. They have built an amazing program at our school. I was able to interview Kaitlyn, a JV player on the girls basketball team. She stated, “I am proud with what varsity has accomplished this season. Winning

Students returning back to school 2021

More Students have returned back to school on January 6th at Palmetto High School. In this situation students, parents and staff at Palmetto High School are involved. Students are returning back to school either because E-learning is not working out or because the district has decided to get rid of hybrid.  The thoughts of going back to school with even more students leave staff, students and parents with mixed emotions.    I’ve interviewed