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Captain Tammie Jo Shults Lands Boeing 737 After Engine Explodes, Saving 148 Lives.

Captain Tammie Jo Shults Lands Boeing 737 After Engine Explodes, Saving 148 Lives.

At 10:53 A.M. on April 17th, Southwest Airlines Flight 1380’s left engine exploded, sending shrapnel into the fuselage that would depressurize the cabin and instantly kill passenger Jennifer Riordan. Without missing a beat, Captain Tammie Jo Shults calmly piloted the damaged plane to the nearest runway, where she landed the Boeing 737 before it was

The Best Pizza You Will Ever Eat.

Why would I make a pizza from scratch when I could just call Dominoes and get one delivered? I’m glad you asked. This masterpiece of a pizza will make any pizza you can buy taste like cardboard by comparison. Also, it is cheaper, more customizeable, and more enjoyable than anything you could buy. With all

What Falcon Heavy Means For Us

On February 6th, the biggest rocket in the world rumbled to life just 100 miles to the east of us. The Falcon Heavy, the newest edition to the innovative space transportation company SpaceX’s fleet of rockets, could be seen from Palmetto with a pair of binoculars as it blasted skyward at 3:45 on Tuesday. The

Hurricane Maria’s Damage To Puerto Rico

After successive, incapacitating hits from hurricanes Irma and Maria, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico is struggling to recuperate and keep themselves safe with their infrastructure crippled from the two storms. The entire island of Puerto Rico is currently without electricity, and optimistic estimates predict that it will be at least 6 months before power is

Moving Ahead Together at Valdosta State

After hate graffiti and racial exclusion from Trump rallies, Valdosta State doesn’t have the best track record for inclusivity. Their new “Moving AHEAD Together” seminar may be the first step in changing that. The two day conference hosted by the Florida and Georgia state affiliates of the Association of Higher Education and Disability aims to