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School Could Be Your Paycheck?

We all know already this year has been rough for kids at school, yet it seems like school is throwing them a bone in ways they do not realize. Being a senior, I really do not want to be here ever yet I can only get out of coming so much (Thanks mom and dad).

Tech Is Running Dry

The tech industry as of late has had many issues with scalpers, short supply and pandemic limitations. At first it did not seem to be a problem, but after the release of new pc tech, it seemed to start unearthing a lot of the issues in the whole system. When the latest pc tech came

Bright Futures In Danger

Coming into high school, everyone can have different goals. Some can be to get an offer in to play a sport at a higher level, others to make it the best four years possible, go to college and some could be to just make it the four. Yet for some, who want to further education


The class of 2020 had lost the end of their senior year to Covid-19. They may have lost their grad bash and their prom but they still did get lucky with a spirit week and with a homecoming. But now it is the class of 2021. We had a spirit week but then sadly since

McGregor goes down, rises Poirier

Back in 2014 for UFC 178, Conor Mcgregor had won his match against Dustin Poirier with much ease with it being a knock out in the first round. Since then, the two really haven’t duked it out in the ring with each continuing their careers on separate paths and no one knowing if they would