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An Open Letter to Adults.

An Open Letter to Adults.

Dear Adults, I understand that sometimes people think connecting to teenagers can be difficult. However, some of us do have social skills and are capable of discussing something other than college. As a high school senior, I cannot think of one time I have been out of my house in the last seven months where

Paging Grey’s Anatomy Season 14!

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD         Paging Greys Anatomy season 14! It’s official your favorite T.V. doctors are back and better than ever! Recent press releases have hinted towards major developments in the upcoming season. We left off last season with the exit of a fan favorite, Stephanie Edwards, after facing an explosion

76.6% Don’t…

Everyone has seen the flyers around campus that read “76.6% Don’t”. They have caused some confusion among Palmettos student body. With the posters failing to say what the 76.6% is, it has caused some students to speculate what that elusive 23.3% really is. “I googled it and thought it had something to do with arson.

To USA, or not to USA at PHS

Tensions ran high in the hallways of Palmetto following the incidents that took place on Wednesday after students at Manatee High School took a picture with a Confederate flag on their school steps. Due to these events the county was prompted to cancel the USA day homecoming celebration at Palmetto. This sparked a series of