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Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta has just turned into a category 2 hurricane. It is in the Gulf of Mexico currently. Hurricanes right now are in a weird stage. Texas A&M University has come out and said that hurricanes pick up the cold water from the bottom of the ocean and will bring it to the surface. They’ll

Upcoming Election Day

The 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have been going on over the last two weeks. First starting off with the presidential nominees of the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. Current US President Donald Trump is attempting to get re-elected. While former vice president under the Obama Administration Joe Biden is attempting to get

Palmetto vs Largo

Palmetto Tiger Football was on a roll last week against Port Charlotte. Going into this week, still trying to live up to their hype. The first score of the game came with 7 minutes left in the 1st quarter, as quarterback Josh Siplin had a 30 yard touchdown run. They had great field position after

Lucas’ Blog

The community is starting to ease up a little bit more. Every has become more aware of the situation and it has calmed down. With that being said, we are still staying inside and only going out when needed. Homework has started to take a lot more of my time, and reading have actually become

Lucas’s Blog

Being stuck inside is such a change. Having to stay inside and wait as time ticks just to wake up the next day to do the same thing. Time feels slower, even when we are out of school. Staying inside playing Xbox with friends or scrolling through TikTok hoping it’ll make my day go by

Houston Astros Cheating Scandal

The Houston Astros were stealing opposing teams signs using technology during the 2017 and 2018 season. They illegally used a camera system that had a view of the catcher’s signs and the pitcher’s pitch that was coming. Staff watching the camera feed from behind the pitcher would let the batter know what pitch was coming.