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Schedule Changes

It is known that there are many changes happening at Palmetto High school. The major thing happening is schedule changes that are being changed due to kids switching their modality. Many teachers, students, and parents are worried how their schedules will be changed. However, the actual question is how many students actually changed and what

The Change of Hybrid

Many students are wanting answers on the plan of hybrid. Since the students have returned to school they had three options on how to return back to school. Those options were either full time on campus, full time online, and hybrid which was two days in school and three days online. However ever since the

Palmetto’s WIFI Rant

As all students of Palmetto High school know our complaint about the WIFI. Each year many students complain that our WIFI never works and is always shutting down, whether they are using computers or their phones. As we entered the year of 2020 the school year has been relying on the internet because many students