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Palmetto High Boys Golf District Runner Up

Palmetto High Boys Golf District Runner Up

October 15th, a day that will stand in infamy for the Palmetto High Golf team. The boys took on Mangrove Bay Golf Club as well as countless other teams. This was exciting round for the Tigers because they knew they had a chance to take home a trophy and that’s exactly what they did. Although

The Prowl? What’s that?

The Prowl is a student run publication for a newspaper that comes directly from the Palmetto High School.  Since the start of The Prowl, we have had the oppurtunity to produce four paper editions each school year. In more recent years, we have been given a website by a local company that also runs TigerVision,

Bomb Threats at BCS

Early Friday morning, February 9th, a 24 year old man by the name of Jason Kadeem Wilkinson drove up to Bradenton Christian School and started to shout at the students. He shouted at the students that he would come back and detonate a bomb on the schools campus. Officers a well as administration attempted to

California is getting LIT

Since last week, Southern California has been in flames scorching everything in its path. In the last week, over 1,000 different structures have been turned into ashes. This is the fifth largest wildfire in the state of California. Thousands of firefighters have been working 24 to 36 hour shifts trying to bring peace and some

The Wrath of Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma has taken its toll, hundreds of thousands of people have been left without power, running water, and some have even lost their homes to flooding. Thousands of people in Manatee County either lost power or have lost water throughout the time of the storm. With 42 casualties, this has left many families