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Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Flu season is here and sicknesses are being spread. There are more people getting sick in the fall and winter months than the rest of the year. It is important to stay healthy through these seasons by taking extra precautions. There are the obvious tips such as washing your hands and keeping away from sick

Volley For The Cure

Along with the beginning of October, breast cancer awareness month rolls in. To show our love and support for everyone who has either dealt with it first hand or has or had a family member or friend that have been apart of the fight, Florida has the Volley For The Cure program. The program itself

Speed It Up!!

Public service announcement to all Palmetto students! We have about six minutes to walk to each of our classes, which is cut short by many teachers “working bell to bell” and not letting students pack up early. With these new rules, Palmetto is stricter on being late to your class and teachers are not supposed