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Drive Slower or Get Pulled Over

This week, Palmetto has been slower than usual and that’s not a joke. Palmetto High School has partnered up with the Palmetto Police Department in hopes of making the roads around the Palmetto community safer. Starting on Monday, August 27th, the PPD began handing out traffic citations for speeding down 10th street right out of

Tampa Bay Rays

The 2018 Spring Season is fast approaching, and for the Rays it’s a new beginning. The Rays have recently traded many players to different MLB teams. Including, the famous third basemen, Evan Longoria, who has been a Ray since 2008. They also traded right fielder Steven Souza Jr to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Many more trades

History isn’t Just History Anymore

This past week the town of Bradenton as we know it, changed. The Confederate monument has sat next to the Manatee County Historic Courthouse for the past 93 years. The groups leading the protest were the Black Lives Matter Alliance Sarasota Manatee Chapter and Indivisible Bradenton Pro-gressive and Answer Suncoast. The protest started peacefully but

Volleyball Pre-Season is a Go!

New school year, new faces, and new team. The team added some new faces to the varsity squad this year. Including Jade and Kylie Fayad, Kailee Light, Alexa Beauchamp and Courtney Waldo.  The Tiger’s varsity volleyball kicked off their 2018 season at Bayshore High School in Bradenton, Florida. The pre-season tournament included the Lady Tigers, Bayshore Bruins, Southeast Seminoles,

Gator or Dinosaur?

By now every one has heard about the monster of a gator sited in a nature preserve in Lakeland, Florida. There is three things Florida is known for, Publix, out of the blue floods and of course gators. This siting makes that saying even more real.  According to sources the monster of a gator was

Work Over Winter Break: WHY?

Some teachers must not get the idea of a “holiday break”. Getting assigned homework over holiday breaks is the worst. Students should not have to worry about trying to get homework done while trying to spend time with their family. Procrastination is a big part in students, so that usually means that their waiting till