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Raiders go to States

On Saturday the 30th, one day before Halloween, both of Palmetto’s raider teams placed first at the district meet and cinched their spots in the state competition. Each team nearly swept, placing first in each event except for one.  This is a major turn around from their first meet of the season, where the team

Palmetto Immigrant Prospers

On any given day, one can see Jackson Ellis roaming around Palmetto High School, going to classes and brightening people’s days. He has come to be known for the relentless energy and exuberance he brings to anything he does. It wasn’t always that way though. The journey the Chinese immigrant has gone through to get

In Memory of Aryana Santana

I’m sure many of you know by now about the untimely passing of Aryana Santana. While some publications would surely like to use this tragedy for less than noble purposes, I would like to take this time to honor her life. Specifically, the positive impact she had on the students and staff of Palmetto High

Football and Covid-19.

The 2021-2022 Palmetto football team was given a scare early in the year when Covid-19 contact tracing resulted in most of the starting defense being quarantined. According to Coach Marino, “[To be] precautionary we got [the team] tested.” Only one player tested positive. After a day of quarantine and without practice, most of the defense