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Palmetto Tennis 2021

Tennis season is coming up fast!   Coach Little teaches the girls tennis team and Coach Tyler teaches the boys. As of right now the girls have lots of players but the boys’ team needs spots filled ASAP. Open courts have started already and are taking place on Mondays and Thursdays after school at 3 pm.  Be sure to wear athletic clothing appropriate for the

In Memory of Mikeal Steele

Former Palmetto student, Mikeal Steele, was recently in a fatal motorcycle accident. Students all over Palmetto campus and especially Parrish Community High School are in tremendous grief, devastation, and shock.  “He always made the people around him happy. He would always find a way to make something positive, on the field and in classes. He

HOCO Week!

Start planning for hoco week! Although we do not have a homecoming dance, we still have spirit week, the homecoming football game, and homecoming court. The dates and themes for hoco week are: 10/12 Monday: Record Day 10/13 Tuesday: Class Color day ; 9th-green, 10th-pink, 11th-yellow, 12th- blue, Faculty-purple 10/14 Wednesday: Hollywood day (dress as

Cancel Schoology :)

Schoology is the worst. I hate it with a passion. It always lags when you try to log in or click on anything. AND there is A LOT of folders and assignments to click on. This is mostly because teachers were not meant or trained to be online teachers so they have absolutely no clue