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Shakespearean Tragedy or Marvel Movie?: Infinity War (Spoilers)

Shakespearean Tragedy or Marvel Movie?: Infinity War (Spoilers)

*************SPOILER ALERT*********************** If you have not already seen Marvel’s latest production Infinity War, it is likely you already know what happens, since all of your friends already gave you the Russo brother’s hit-list. Any modern day Marvel hero or heroine you can think of is in at least five minutes of this throw-down (shout out to

University of Florida refuses event due to tensions in Charlottesville, Virginia

The University of Florida refused a request for an event that would have taken place on September 12th in which Richard Spencer, a so proclaimed “alt right” leader, would have been speaking. This decision came after the unfolding of the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, which resulted in significant violence and even the death of a young

FBLA prepares for the National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC)

From November 10th to 11th, twelve members of the Future Business Leaders Association (FBLA) will be attending the National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC) taking place in Daytona Beach. Students and advisers will be participating in general sessions and workshops for professional development and career planning. FBLA members will be guided in learning things like tips