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Paranormal Cirque Brings Fear Entertainment to Manatee County

Paranormal Cirque Brings Fear Entertainment to Manatee County

The paranormal cirque is located in Palmetto right before the Bridge. It is a huge black tent, two to be specific. They perform afternoon and evening shows but in order to see them you have to go online and reserve your seat. There are hundreds of seats to choose from but they sell out fast.


OMG! THERE ARE LOVE BUGS EVERYWHERE I GO! I can never get away from them! They are the most itchy, anxiety making bugs I have ever came across. They are annoying in every which way. They will follow you like a bee after you swat at them. It is not easy to not swat at


Graduation without Grad Tickets

Seniors are given six graduation tickets to give to their family. They come to an issue every year where six tickets is not nearly enough. Everyone wants to invite their whole family including their aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. They have been their for them their whole life and watched them through their success. Obviously


The First Rule of Fight Club

This week there has been a fight every day. It also followed to the next week to make a total count of seven fights. Palmetto is turning into teammates and best friends turning against each other. These fights are over looking at someone sideways or over a relationship. These are not things we should be


The Greatest Showman

The greatest showman is a 2017 musical that celebrates the birth of show business. This movie became an unlikely hit. It was a piece of pure entertainment. It has built their audience as the movie has been released for a while now. This movie is based more towards the audience of Marvels. The film used


Steelers Pay Their Respect

Alejandro Villanueva plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football team. He is a former Army Ranger and felt that he should walk out during the anthem and show his respects for the ones who are still fighting in the army. He did not think there was going to be a picture of just him blocking out