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Schoology: Coming to a Classroom Near You

Schoology: Coming to a Classroom Near You

Schoology is a learning system for grade levels k-12. It has been introduced to Palmetto High School by our site representative Colleen Maynard. She has held meetings on campus for our staff members to get to know the site in order for them to be able to introduce it to our students. Students are able


The Greatest Showman

The greatest showman is a 2017 musical that celebrates the birth of show business. This movie became an unlikely hit. It was a piece of pure entertainment. It has built their audience as the movie has been released for a while now. This movie is based more towards the audience of Marvels. The film used


Steelers Pay Their Respect

Alejandro Villanueva plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football team. He is a former Army Ranger and felt that he should walk out during the anthem and show his respects for the ones who are still fighting in the army. He did not think there was going to be a picture of just him blocking out

The Cop Who Got Beaten

A sheriff’s life was saved by the Good Samartian. The man got out of his car while he was at a traffic stop. The Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was working on the free way when he tried to pull over the man driving the blue Toyota. Instead of stopping the man took off at