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Ford joins Red-Bull

The Ford motor company has announced that they will be rejoining the F1 (Formula One) racing series with the Red-Bull company. The excitement has stirred up the F1 community and has everyone on the edge of their seat ready for the next seasons to come. Unfortunately, Ford and Red-Bull will not fully have that partnership

Car Legend Gone at 55

Ken Block, a legend in the car community, passed away at the age of 55 in an unfortunate snowmobile accident. Considered one of the craziest, daredevilish men to hit the car scene, With all the Gymkhanas he accomplished and the crazy stunts he did with his company Hoonigan.  I’m sure there’s some things I spoke

Christmas Movies

Christmas time, one of everyone’s favorite times of the year. Time for joy, love, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, and Christmas movies. Which brings up the question: What is the best Christmas movie? For years and years, we have been watching Christmas movies, where it has become a tradition to have a Christmas movie night. So

The New Mustang Dark Horse

The new Ford Mustang is the first performance Mustang that we have seen in 21 years, and with the trend of electric, this new Mustang is the last combustion engine muscle car left.   With a brand-new interior and exterior featuring some of the specs that the Mustang GT had. The new Mustang Dark Horse comes

Spider-Man NWH Review

Spider-Man no way home, is a movie that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time. This movie was everything that every marvel fan wanted to see, especially Stan Lee (RIP) the creator of marvel. This movie pulled every string of emotion that it could to keep you on the edge of