Advertising Contract 2020-2021

Download Advertising Contract Here: Advertising Contract 2013-2014

 Advertising Contract 2020-2021


Name of Business: ________________________________________________________


Address for Invoice: (street) _________________________________________________


(city) ___________________________ (state) ____ (zip) _________


Phone: ___________________  FAX: ____________________       e-mail: ___________________


Name of Contact Person: ­­­­­­_________________________________________________________


Number of issues ad will run: ___________   Estimated Amount of contract: _____________


Select issues by entering the ad size after the appropriate month (months do not have to be consecutive):

Be sure to check the current “Ad Information Sheet” for publication months.


October (1ST Edition)___________                   December (Christmas Issue) ________


February (Spring Break Issue)_____                   May (Graduation Issue) _____________




Business Card


Banner on top or bottom of page


Quarter Page


Half Page


Full Page


Website Ad Space



We can stuff insert advertising that you provide.  The cost of stuffing is $100 for our 1000 issue run.



  1. Publications Dates/Deadline: Publication dates change due to school calendar and events. We publish 4 times during the school year, September through May.  Ad space is reserved by this signed contract.
  2. Payment: The full amount of the contract must be paid prior to publishing your first ad. You will be sent a tear sheet as well as a notice each month that you have an ad. We will indicate when your next ad will run.
  3. Design Charges: We do not charge a fee to design your ad. We do charge $20 to provide you a hard copy and digital copy should you wish to have it for additional publications or reproductions.
  4. Camera-Ready: We accept e-mailed ads or ads on CD. They should be submitted in tiff, eps, or pdf format. We design using PhotoShop and InDesign on PC computers.
  5. Ad Changes: We encourage running the same ad each month, but you may change your ad-size or design within the dates of this contract.
  6. Editorial Content: Student editors reserve the right to approve or reject content.
  7. Ad Placement: Purchasing a premium position guarantees placement. When available, we may move ads to premium spaces without additional charges.



Company Representative: ________________________________________  Date ________________


The Prowl Advisor:____________________________________________       Date ________________