Summer Vs. Winter?

Summer and winter and two completely different seasons. One is cold and snowy depending on where you live, and one is hot and sweaty. Do you want to want to be sweating all the time or do you want to constantly be cold all the time.?

Summer is the bestest ever. You get to go swimming, go on vacation, go to the beach, and get a nice tan. Sophomore, Makenna Lee says, “I love the sun, the beach, being tan and making memories.” You can do a lot more in the summer than you can do in the winter. Sophomore Violet Johnson said, “I love summer because I can hang out with friends more and go on the boat.”  Summer is for fun times and going out to have fun in the sun.   

Winter is way better than any other season. In winter you get to see snow, go ice skating, and make snowmen. It may be cold but winter is so much better. Senior, Andy Bonds says, “I prefer winter for the coldness it brings because Florida that isn’t accustomed to the cold.” Winter is a time for hot coco, candy canes, Hallmark movies, cozying up to the fire, decorating the Christmas tree, and giving the quality of family time.  

Summer and winter have their own pros and cons when deciding which one is better.