Pineapple on Pizza?

Do you think pineapple on pizza is good? Many people like it but many others don’t. 

People who like pineapple on pizza know how to order a pizza. Mrs. Kayla says “The flavor of the pizza is sweet and tangy which I like. I think pineapple does belong on pizza.” People like pineapple because of the tangy taste therefore they decided to try it on pizza. They liked how pineapple tasted on pizza so now it is a popular pizza topping.  

Why would someone want fruit on their pizza? The pizza has an odd taste to it when you put pineapples on it. Gavin Gondeck, a senior this year, states that “The very thought of pineapple on pizza disgusts me because pizza shouldn’t be sweet.” People like to put random things on their pizza, and I think this is how pineapple got put on pizza. Kaylea Watts, a senior this year, thinks “They are not meant to be together at all. They are like two different worlds colliding together like a crossover episode.”  

Everyone has a different opinion about pineapples on pizza. People like what they like, and we can’t change that I suppose. It’s either you like pineapple pizza or you don’t like it because I don’t think there is an in between.