PHS Food Drive

A food drive is a form of charity to distribute foodstuff to people who cannot afford food, in this case, to children.

All donations will go to the homeless and food insecure children in the Manatee County, so will have a greater impact in the fight against hunger.

If you are interested, the food collection is on the first class period, and the class that brings the most food will have a free breakfast in class. Teachers like Mrs. Vanadore are encouraging people to bring food by putting extra credit in her class.

The most needed food items are proteins like beans, tuna, soup, pasta, meat, or peanut butter; breakfast food like cereals; fruit and vegetables and healthy snacks. You can also bring food cans since they take a long time to expire.

I think this is a easy and beautiful way to help people, especially children and if you have the opportunity to help and bring something, even if it’s just a food can, which isn’t expensive, you would be helping a lot to other people who don’t have resources.