Class Rank – The results are in!

Class rank is a way to measure how your academic achievements stack up against your peers. Schools calculate a student’s class rank by taking their GPA and assessing it in relation to individuals from the same graduating class. The higher your GPA the higher your ranking. The difficulty level of classes is usually taken into account, meaning that Honors, AICE, AP and IB courses are weighted more heavily than regular courses.

Here is the list of Class of 2023:

Here are the interviews with some of the students:

Kaitlin Douglas

What are your extracurriculars and statistics ?

Well, I’m in quite a few clubs. I’m in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), AICE ambassadors, NHS (National Honor Society), SGA (Student Government Association), Key Club and then I’m also on the golf team. My GPA is 4.68, and I think I have a 4.0 unweighted.

How does it feel to have reached this point? How do you think you made it?

I’m really proud but I’m also really shocked. It feels like all my hardwork is finally paid off. I think I made it by just doing my work and studying a lot.

Any advice for upcoming seniors?

Get all your work done, study but also have a fun senior year because it’s your last year of high school and you should enjoy it.

Chandler Poppell

What are your extracurricular and statistics?

My GPA is 4.65, I’ve been in NHS, which has helped me get here, senior representative for Key Club, captain for the soccer varsity team and part of HOSA.

How does it feel to have reached this point? How do you think you made it?

I feel accomplished and honestly a little bit of relief knowing that it’s almost over. I worked hard, studied for many hours. When my friends were out playing and partying and stuff I was studying so yeah.

Any advice for upcoming seniors?

Keep working hard and have a goal seat in mind and try to reach it.

Valeria Cardenas-Pena

What are your extracurricular and statistics?

I’m in nine different clubs and sports. I play volleyball, tennis and I’m co-president of HOSA, vice president of NHS, Academic Team, PHS ambassadors, Key Club, SGA, Spanish National Honor Society. My GPA is a 4.629 and unweighted is a 4.0.

How does it feel to have reached this point? How do you think you made it?

It feels good to know that my hard work paid off and especially these past four years with COVID and everything. There were definetely some hard moments that are unexpected, but it’s really rewarding to see like my hard work and all my friends hard work pay off as well.

Any advice for upcoming seniors?

My advice is that it does go by fast but everything will be okay because if I’ve learned anything this year is that yes, there will be moments when you think you don’t have it together and things are not going your way but at the end of the day, everything will work out and your future will be fine.