Snickerdoodles or Sugar Cookies for Christmas?

Some families have traditions of baking a certain type of cookie during Christmas like snickerdoodles or sugar cookies.  

Even though sugar cookies are good, snickerdoodles are way better in comparison. Aiden Disel, who is a senior this year, says, “My grandmother made snickerdoodles every year around the holidays, and they make me think of Christmas.” snickerdoodles during Christmas are a special treat because you don’t really have them any other time during the year. snickerdoodles are good for this special occasion while sugar cookies can be used for anything when celebrating.

People have a preference, and some people’s are sugar cookies. When you make sugar cookies you can cut them into Christmas shapes, then decorate them, which you can’t do with snickerdoodles. sugar cookies can bring people together. They can bring people together because they can make the Sugar cookies together, then decorate them together. Marlei Brown, who is a sophomore this year, says, “Sugar cookies are better because you can decorate them, and they are more festive.”

Will this debate ever end? Snickerdoodles and sugar cookies are both really good cookies for Christmas. Everyone has their own preference of which cookie they prefer for Christmas.