Christmas Movies

Christmas time, one of everyone’s favorite times of the year. Time for joy, love, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, and Christmas movies. Which brings up the question: What is the best Christmas movie? For years and years, we have been watching Christmas movies, where it has become a tradition to have a Christmas movie night.

So what is the most popular Christmas movie? I recently did a poll on peoples favorite Christmas movies, and I was not too surprised at the results.

I asked 100 people what their favorite Christmas movie was, and at the number one spot was, “Home Alone” with 36 votes. The most common reason for “Home Alone” being their favorite is because of the comedic relief from Marv.

The two movies tied for second with 20 votes each is “elf” and “The Polar Express”. On one hand, you get that comedic relief from Will Farrel with a movie that you can laugh at every year, and on the other hand you get a movie that really brings out the meaning of Christmas and the joy inside of it. 

In third place with 12 votes is “The Grinch”. With Jim Carrey perfecting his role, never skipping a beat, and putting in his all, this movie is a go-to.

In fourth place is “Christmas Vacation” with eight votes. With the non stop action and torture Chevy Chase endures for this role, you really cannot stop laughing throughout this movie.

In fifth place is “A Christmas Story” and “Rudolph” tied with five votes. With “Rudolph” and “A Christmas story” you get a good wholesome movie with a good sense of Christmas.

There isn’t a “greatest Christmas movie”, but there are favorites for sure.