Christmas Came Early?

Are people decorating too early or too late for Christmas?  

Why do people feel the need to decorate a whole two to three months early? People started decorating right after Halloween like Thanksgiving wasn’t even a thing. Are you in that much of a hurry to get rid of the year that you start decorating for Christmas in October? Stores were already selling Christmas items in November, too.  Joe McElroy, who is a junior this year, says, “They started decorating before Thanksgiving and that it’s sad because how do you think Thanksgiving feels?” If you start decorating for Christmas as early as October, do you even have a life at this point?  

Some people like to decorate early and there is nothing wrong with that. People have traditions and some of them are decorating early. People like to decorate early to get it out of the way and there is nothing wrong with that. People get excited for Christmas, so they decorate early. Some decorate for Christmas and Thanksgiving at the same time because their decorations match each other. People have their reasons for decorating early and other people should not judge them for it. If you don’t start decorating early for Christmas, then you are being a GRINCH and have no life!