Dogs VS. Cats

Are dogs better or are cats better? Which one will win? Which one is better?

 Whoever likes dogs you are my favorite person because dogs are better in every way. Dogs want to interact with their owners. Dogs will make you start to get active even if it is just taking them out for a walk. Dogs are playful, loving, nice and therapeutic. When dogs sense that there is something wrong with their owner, they then try to cheer their owners up to make sure that they are okay. Emily Daley is the owner of two dogs and she says, “dogs will come to you when called and cuddle you.”  Dogs actually care about their owner while cats DON’T care at all. Dogs are superior to cats in every way and whoever disagrees with me I don’t trust you at all and that is a whole red flag.  

Whoever hates dogs and prefers cats, I love you, and you are the best person ever. When you get a cat, you have to earn their trust before they like you enough to interact with you. Cats will be nice to their owner when the owner has won over their trust. Cats are easier to take care of and look after. Cats don’t need a lot of space to have a life. Cats can take care of themselves and keep themselves entertained. Cats tend to have interesting behaviors when they play with their toys or with other cats. Mr. Tyler is the owner of 5 cats, and says, “It’s fun to watch cats’ behavior because of how entertaining and unpredictable it is.” All of this proves why cats are WAY better than dogs. Cats can’t even compare to how great they are to dogs.