Another Hurricane?!

With Hurricane Nicole coming from the East of Florida and moving Northwest, she affected Palmetto High School and the rest of Manatee county from having school on Thursday and the play-offs last Friday.

Alexa Lane said, “I hope we don’t get school Thursday because this is too much, I need sleep.” When asked, “What if we get a day taken off of our thanksgiving week?” Alexa  responded, “I don’t care” and gave a hard side eye.

Palmetto High had Thursday off because the winds were over 40 mph, and the buses can not run at that speed of wind. On the eastern shore of Florida, there were at least two people reported dead, power was knocked out in thousands of places, buildings nearly collapsed, and the coast flooded. In a press release in Orange County, sheriffs said two people were “electrocuted by a downed power line”. 

Fun Fact: This is the first hurricane in November to hit Florida in 87 years.