Taking The Homecoming Win

On Friday, October 14, Palmetto High and Lakewood Ranch High went head-on-head in a game that everyone looks forward to throughout the year. Palmetto High School celebrated their drastic win against Lakewood at the Homecoming game.

The tigers ended with more than 5 touchdowns ahead of Lakewood. In quarter one, Palmetto scored the first touchdown within 4 minutes followed by Lakewood scoring a touchdown only minutes afterward. Going into halftime with a tied score of 17-17, The audience knew tiger pride needed to be heightened in the next two quarters in order to take home the homecoming game victory.

As for the homecoming court, Queen Tomiya Washington and King Elijah J. Roberson won against the runner-ups, Princess Carrie Joseph and Prince Braden Connors.

With the final box score ending with 55-17, The tigers took their home game win and celebrated the next day with a full-filling homecoming dance.