2022 Homecoming Dance

Homecoming is a celebration dedicated to celebrating former alumni of an organization. Last Saturday, Oct. 15, students and teachers at Palmetto High School celebrated the “Magical Night,” or their 2022-2023 homecoming dance with music, dancing, and lights.  

There was a wide variety of music that was being played from songs like Fetty Wap’s “679” to Rednex’s “Cotton Eye Joe.” Whatever song they were playing though, you can be sure that people were singing and getting “sturdy”. However, some students were not fond of the music that was played, many saying that they would like to have input for next year’s homecoming playlist. There were also many instances of crowd surfing, but it was all for playful fun.  

The theme was centered around “The Great Gatsby,” with some students dressing with that theme in mind, and most other students dressed in formal attire. There was also a stand where you could get your photos taken for $10. Chick-fil-A was also included in the dance. 

 Homecoming attendee, Logan Davis, stated that the night was “really fun,” also stating that the music was “all good however, there were a couple of songs that I didn’t recognize, but all around it was a good vibe.” Davis also pointed out that “the extra floorboards weren’t necessary, as many people were tripping on them.” 

Teacher Brittany McCall has also voiced her thoughts on homecoming saying, “There seemed to be a good mix of music for all students.” and that “It was a fun experience for our students.” A critique McCall pointed out was “Maybe next time have more water available for students because we ran out fast!”  

The homecoming dance for this school year was a euphoric experience with dancing, partying, food, and pictures.