Spirit Week – Best Outfits

Color Day –

Ethan Hamm and Adrian Pacheco, both 10th graders started off the week strong with their blue poncho and blue tutu. 

Junior, Ny’esha Law rocked color day with her pink frenzy

Aidan Disel, 12th grader, showed the seniors how color day should be done

Celebrity Day –

9th grader, Tanner Evans, went as the famous Elvis Presley. 

Sophomore, Elisha Light gave us all a throwback to the 2000s with the iconic Hannah Montana look.

Josiah Saunders and Kayleigh Loch, both juniors, dress as the ultimate duo with their awesome Spongebob and Patrick outfits.

Nelly Azulphar, 12th grader, dressed as trending musician, Tyler the Creator. 

Ms. Marcin and Ms. Ansbro dressed as the iconic duo, Buzz Lightyear and Woody from “Toy Story”

Dressing Day –

Sophomore, Hanah Lorenzo, dressed with a lei and bikini top to represent the dressing of Thousand Island. 

Christopher Hehn, 11th grader went as Mario to represent Italian dressing. 

Peter Van Beuren, Senior, impressed us all with the amazing greek costume. 

Mr. Fernandes dressed up as a mime to represent French dressing.

Zoom Day –

Kamila Gonzalez Ochoa, 9th grader, rocked it with the fancy on top and lazy on the bottom look.

Cooper Stover, 10th grader and Johnny Outlaw, also 10th grader showed the sophomores how zoom day should be done with their suits and pjs.

Madisyn Scheid and Madelyn Gillett both juniors, dressed for zoom day

Chandler Poppell, 12th grader, gave us all a feel on how e-learning used to be for all of us.

Ms. Liles and Mrs. Brunner, participated with a smile on zoom day.

Spirit Day –

Chloe Carter, ninth grade, finished the spirit week strong with tiger pride. 

Marissa Rocha, 10th grade, rocked it with the red feather boa. 

Trey Barkey, 11th grader, and Zachary Barkey, 10th grade went all out to show some tiger pride.

Grace Tripp, junior, really showed us what school spirit means.

Ms. Flynt rocked her spirit day outfit and tiger pride!