Relationships Between Cheerleaders and Football Players

The cheerleaders and football players show their support for each other by participating in before and after game activities to better their bonds. 

In 1954 the first cheer team cheered for their football team to “boost school spirit”. 

Deandre Berry, a player on the Palmetto football team tells us, “Crowd involvement and cheerleaders cheering gives us something to work for and motivates us to win.”

 Berry also claims, “It’s important to have a relationship so the cheers are actually meaningful to the players and actually motivate us.” He goes on to explain that if there was no connection between both the cheer and football team, that the chants they do, would not mean anything to them. 

Lily Gillett, a cheerleader on the Palmetto cheer team also agrees, “It’s important to have that relationship because if we have no connection with any of them, our cheering would not be as helpful or motivating” She explains, “The cheerleaders get assigned a senior on the team, and we make a basket for them to have for senior night, to appreciate them on their last few games on the team…We ask for their game day song and incorporate it into the basket along with their jersey number.” 

Lily continues and explains more about the gestures she does for the team to wish them luck, “I give certain people snacks on game day to wish them good luck and if we win, we all go out to apple bees and celebrate.” 

Gillette and Berry mention their love for their sport and how each other works together to achieve the goals of both teams.