Book Club

Author: Bicansk

There is this constant demand for a safe space where you can share opinions and thoughts about the books you love the most. There is a special place for that in PHS.

Students, Anniyah Rahaman and Ellie Johnson in their freshman year had the idea of creating a club where every student is able to have fun and socialize while doing something that enhances their knowledge, increases their imagination, and hones their creativity; reading.

After a year of wanting a change at the school, teacher Chuck B. stepped in, allowing the idea to become a reality under the D&D club

Now, 15 year old Anniyah, creator of the club stated, “What’s so special about the club is that it is a place where everyone can be themselves and read without being considered a nerd or not cool.”

The books read monthly are decided through the band app, being hosted every other Wednesday after school in the library or Dr. Bartges classroom. Everyone will be welcome to show up and enjoy this great way to establish a sense of community with other readers.