Lost in the Rain

Fifth game in and the Tigers have got themselves another loss, this time against the Sarasota Sailors. The score was 7-16, with player #1, Adonise Moise, getting their first and only touch down in the game. Coach Marino states “We are not consistent…in some plays somebody does something really good and in the same play someone has done something really bad. We can’t get any type of consistency, that is the reason why we only score a couple touchdowns every week.” 

With the rain pouring down in the 4th quarter the team’s performance started to lack, with them having to deal with the rain. Coach Marino says that the rain “Penalized the way the night went. I think we had plenty of opportunities in the dry weather, and we didnt take advantage of it and then when the rain came you had your opportunity, now deal with this too. I just think that was the final piece with us not playing well and then now having to deal with the elements makes it even more challenging.” 

As Coach Marino commented we do not have opportunities everyday and we should not take it for granted as “they’re not going to just continue to fall into your lap.” Coach Marino expressed hope and motivation for him and his team with the upcoming games this season.