A Final Senior Year Goodbye…

As our final days of senior year come to an end, I thought it would be special if I made this story about the seniors.

Senior year is special. You soak in every last minute you can of high school before you go out into the real world. Within senior year, you enjoy your last homecoming week, dance, Friday night lights, Prom, Graduation, and all the senior activities that follow.

Taylor Wilder and Hannah Weltzien both enjoyed meeting friends in their high school career.

Maddy Clark enjoyed getting the full experience instead of deciding to go to school online.

Good choice Maddy!

However, high school does come with some stresses.

Sometimes being at school gets tiring as well as the amount of busy work teachers give you day after day.

Underclassmen, want some advice on how to navigate your high school journey?

Do not stress the small stuff. Everything will all workout.

Also, do not get all caught up with drama and friendships. It will not matter after high school since everyone will all be leaving in the long run.

Seniors, congratulations on completing your high school journey!!!!

Class of 2022.


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