Saint Patrick’s Day Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a celebration of the Christian missionary, St. Patrick. It’s an Irish-originated holiday with many traditions that were diluted by American culture.  

Many of the American traditions come in the forms of wearing certain clothing or eating certain foods. St, Patrick’s Day is March 17, the dat on which St. Patrick;s death is commemorated.

Mrs. O’Hanlon is a biology teacher at Palmetto High School. She is Scottish but celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. 

Mrs. O’Hanlon celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, like many Americans who celebrate. Mrs. O’Hanlon also does a “First Footing” on New Year’s Eve in Scotland and used to do a 10K in Ohio. She finds this day important because it “celebrates (her) Irish ancestors”. 

Americans also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by cooking a certain meal. Usually, this meal consists of corned beef or cabbage. Many Americans wear green or go to bars, as well. 

While the traditions aren’t prominent or extravagant, many people still celebrate and hold onto their roots.