Tip your caps to the grads…

As we all know, graduation is coming up and within the next few months we all have to prepare for this big event.

For the students, graduation looks like having your family fly in or come to graduation, pick the nicest outfit to wear under your gown, and make sure everyone has a ticket.

But, graduation for Ms. Flynt looks a little different behind the scenes.

I was able to interview Ms. Flynt and she said some things that happen behind the scenes are:

Tickets, making sure students took care of their senior fees, organizing the graduation practice, speeches, ordering programs, fans, and getting bottled waters all set up.

Graduation starts at 8am, but to set things up Ms. Flynt gets there at 6am.

Besides the behind the scenes, graduation is a special day. It marks the end of your high school year and start of adulthood. Graduation is when usually everyone is in a good mood and it is a good environment to be in.

This year, graduation is at Lecom park at 8am. Each student will receive 6 tickets to invite friends and family.


Congratulations to all the seniors!


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