Spider-Man NWH Review

Spider-Man no way home, is a movie that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time. This movie was everything that every marvel fan wanted to see, especially Stan Lee (RIP) the creator of marvel. This movie pulled every string of emotion that it could to keep you on the edge of your seat. And let me tell you there were some points in the movie theatre where it got so loud from the cheering at some points of the movie.  

Some facts about the movie itself. It has brought a total of 1.403 billion dollars into the box office so far. And has a 93% rating on rotten tomatoes (rotten tomatoes is an American movie rating company, the higher the rating the better the movie) 97% of its viewers liked the film. Now I can talk all day about this movie, about how great it is, and the numbers can too but I am biased, so I got some other opinions on the movie.  

The first person I talked to be a good friend of mine Bryanna Shuttleworth, “I thought it was very surprising and intriguing with everything that happened in the movie. It really did play with your emotions, especially at the end and in the middle of the movie. I really like how they crossed over universes it was like watching tv show and it collabs with another one.” 

Another person I talked to is my really really good friend Emily Herrin, “I really enjoyed seeing all 3 Spider-men in one place it was really cool to see. I didn’t enjoy crying seeing a few scenes Haha. Overall was a really good movie, I highly recommend.” 

And the last person I talked to was my other good friend Stewart Sonheim “It was really good in my opinion, I wish there would’ve been more screen time for certain characters, but you can only ask for so much lol. Other than that, it had a great story line and a good amount of action. I also enjoyed the ending no matter how sad it was.” 

This may only be 3 people, but the numbers clearly don’t lie and clearly show, that’s 3 people that liked it 3 for 3 so I highly recommend watching if you can or if you have the time to because it is definitely a movie to see. But I would brush up by watching the other Spider-Man movies just so that you’re all caught up on everything. (Spider-man 1-2-3, The Amazing Spider-Man 1-2, Spider-Man homecoming and Spider-man far from home) and if you really want to watch captain America civil war.