Travel And Tourism Fundraising…

At Palmetto High School, the AICE Travel and Tourism classes are currently participating in individual fundraising, to support the trips they will be participating in with fellow students. Fundraiser programs include candy bar selling, drink purchases, optional chip bags, and more. The purpose of these fundraising events throughout the school day is to lower the cost of the trip for customers and chaperones attending. Travel trips include trips to Bush Gardens for animal studies, Intense escape for team bonding, and even a trip to Blackstone park for proper football strategic training.

I was able to speak to Olivia Stagner, and she informed me that “these fundraisers are perfect to help everyone meet their goals as well as make students here at Palmetto happy, especially with the stressful academic courses”. The pricing is also reasonable, everything ranges from 1-2 dollars for individually packaged items. Remember, if you are hungry, or in the mood for a mid-day snack, make sure to bring your cash! Palmetto High is all for supporting students and teachers to reach their accomplishments and well-worthy goals.


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