Senior Night

This Friday, November 5th is senior night at the Palmetto High Football game against Clearwater Academy High School. Before the game starting at 6:45 pm, the seniors that are a part of the football team, athletic training, band, dance, color guard and cheerleading will all walk across the field to honor their last year here at Palmetto High School. Banners of each of the seniors will also be placed along the fence showing which club they are represented by.

I interviewed one of the athletic trainers Hannah Barron who will be a part of senior night this Friday. When asked “how does it feel to be participating in Senior Night this year?”, she responded, “It’s weird, it almost doesn’t feel real. I am so happy to be able to walk down the field with my parents and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment”. Senior night to Hannah is a meaning of accomplishment and pride.

I also interviewed cheerleader Taylor Wilder who will also be honored at senior night. To being asked “How does it feel to be participating in senior night this year?”, she responded, “It feels great to participate in senior night. Knowing that I am being recognized for all the things I’ve done for Palmetto High throughout my four years”. Senior night to Taylor is a meaning of gratitude for her after all she’s done throughout high school.

Senior night is so important to our graduating students and their families and we cannot wait to celebrate what it means to each of them.


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