Clearwater Game Interview

I did a short interview with Coach Marino earlier to get some answers regarding this upcoming game with Clearwater.

First question; “When and where is the game going to take place?”

Coach Marino’s response; “It’s home, this Friday night, senior night, which is going to make it even more special. A special night for us. 7:30 p.m. Friday night, here at Harleen stadium.”

Second question; “What is your guy’s emotion, about this one game, being your last season game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Well we are fortunate in that we already know we are guaranteed one home playoff game next week. Senior night is always emotional, because you know it is coming closer to the end, you hope for the underclassmen as well have a little bit more sense of urgency and determination to try to send the seniors on there night on a positive note and get a win.”

You read that right, this Friday at 7:30 p.m. is Senior Night. This is a very special night for all staff and seniors especially when there is a last season game on the line. Come and show your support, I repeat this Friday, to the seniors and our Palmetto Tigers football, your support and tiger spirit is always appreciated.


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