Orlando Jones Game Interview

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the upcoming game against Orlando Jones.

First question; “What are you trying to implement to your players this upcoming game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Just the fact if we could just win these next two weeks, there’s a good possibility that we would get two, maybe three home games in the playoffs, so that’s huge, so that’s what we are playing for right now. We’ve already secured the playoffs spot, we’ve already secured the home field for the first round. But now we are trying to get a couple more games at home. It’s going to be tough, these last two games again, they have a combined record I believe- right now they are 12 and 2, so their really good.”

And the final question; “When and where is the Orlando Jones game going to take place?”

Coach Marino’s response; “This Friday night at Orlando Jones High School.”


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