How do we keep our Tiger Pride?

If you know anything about Palmetto High, you know that the Tiger paws are what our school is known for. The tiger paws are what we have drawn on our campus in the hallways. However, these tiger paws and the paint have worn out.

FBC Palmetto, a church in our local community, came one Saturday morning and was kind enough to help make our campus new again. Coach Corbett, a staff member here at Palmetto as well as the Varsity Women’s Basketball team head coach, helped run this project.

Coach Corbett says, “Because school spirit and school identity is important, we wanted to give the paws a fresh look. I mean look good, feel good.”

Who wants to walk around campus and see worn out tiger paws?

Coach Corbett feels as a staff member and coach, if we are a school with no mascot, we are just a school. There is no pride involved. But if we have things to represent our campus and student body, we are The Tigers.

How often are these Tiger paws painted?

“Since I have been here, we have done it twice within the last four years. We need to work it out so we can do it as often as we can.” says Coach Corbett.

What do these paws stand for?

Coach Corbett expressed, “Tiger paws help students know what our identity as a school is. The Tiger paws promotes athletics. We don’t have our mascot all over campus, so the Tiger paws are a good reminder of that.”

So students, when you walk around campus and look down, remember who you are and what those tiger paws represent.

Go Tigers!


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