Home Coming Week

Last week Palmetto High School                                          students celebrated Homecoming Week. The week was filled with daily themes, games, football and music. In general, several students seemed to appreciate the atmosphere, but others thought there might be ways to improve Home Coming Week, for next year. 

The daily themes, for the week, were Color Day (Mon.), Holiday Day (Tues.), Country vs. Cross Country Day (Wed.), Duo Day (Thurs.) and Spirit Day (Fri.). On Friday, students were surprised by a live DJ and music during lunch and to top it all off, the Palmetto Tigers football team took victory over East Bay High School.    

Many students indicated that they enjoyed dressing up for each theme and participating in games, but also thought that perhaps the dress code rules should be more lenient for Home Coming Week. One student said that they enjoyed how everyone participated in the themes. Although the themes were enjoyable, other students suggested that it would be nice for the entire student body to have input in selecting themes; themes are usually selected by the Student Government Association (SGA), which is headed by Mrs. Flynt. The process does not include the entire student body.   

In general, students are looking forward to next year’s homecoming week. They are excited to see what themes and ideas will be offered and are hopeful of being asked for more input when planning.