East Bay and Bloomingdale Interview.

I asked questions to Coach Marino concerning the East Bay and Bloomingdale game in one interview.

East Bay-

The first question; “Describe the intensity of the game?”

Coach Marino; “It was a district game, your always going to get the highest level of intensity because that’s what every kid and the state of Florida dreams of is making to the playoffs, winning a district championship, regional championships, state championships. That’s what we were in for, we knew it was going to be a tough, tough game and they came right down to the end.”

My second question was if Palmetto won, and of course the answers going to be “Yes” Coach Marino responded.

My third question; “Any player of the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “I would probably have to say Jalen Wester on defense played a huge part, Cedric Augustine, Cleve Benson and Lavontae Youmans, both were a two-headed monster in the back field for us, combined for over 200 yards rushing, I think those two guys were key on offense.”


This Bloomingdale is coming up for the District Championships.

The first question; “When is the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Friday night, at Bloomingdale.”

The second question, “Describe your confidence level going against Bloomingdale?”

Coach Marino’s response; “These are unfamiliar opponents, we’ve always been a south district and region, so now we are headed North this year. These are all new opponents for us. But we had a chance to watch them… so we’ve had the chance to study a lot of what Bloomingdale does, who they are. We feel good about it. We are starting to get a couple of guys back healthy. But it’s going to be a challenge going back on the road again, in a hostile environment against another team whos undefeated in the district.”


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