$800 raised for Aryana Santana & Family!

With the passing of Aryana Santana, both yearbook and newspaper classes came together and raised about $800 for the Santana family to use for the medical bills as well as supplies for her fundraiser lunch last Sunday afternoon.

How was all this money raised so quickly?

Margarita Bermudez, a good friend of Aryana Santana, said “Aryana’s death did affect a lot of people because Aryana had such a kind and strong heart and was willing to help anyone she could. The students of Palmetto High acted strongly towards her death because of the respect of those who were strongly affected by it. She was a student at our school and we should honor her.”

Because of the respect the community of Palmetto had for Aryana, it was a special time of coming together and support during a tragic time.

Mrs. Durshimer, a long-time guidance counselor at Palmetto High, said “It’s the first kid to pass away from COVID-19 and we have been ruled by it. It’s one thing to get COVID and another to pass away from it. It’s very heart-warming to know that we all came together during such a tragic time and makes me a proud staff member of Palmetto High.”

Thank you to everyone who donated money or supplies for the Santana family! Your support and love does not go unnoticed 🙂


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