Locked Bathrooms Dilemma

The Tik Tok trend/challenge called “Devious Licks” has created a dilemma for students at Palmetto High School. We have fewer places to use the bathroom because many of the bathrooms have been closed. Some students think it’s okay to vandalize or destroy our bathrooms at school. They think that since kids from other schools are doing this, they can do it also. Do you agree and think that the inconvenience that this causes the rest of the students is okay? 

Students were damaging toilets, soap dispensers, and sinks. They were also writing damaging or degrading things about other students and staff on the walls and in the stalls of the bathrooms.  

The administration wanted to come up with a plan to eliminate the bathroom problem and not let it become a bigger problem. They wanted to be able to get the problems resolved with the bathrooms. They also wanted to be able to know who was going in and out of the bathrooms to tell who was vandalizing the bathrooms. 

Due to this issue the administration started locking the bathrooms during the third week of school. They locked down all the bathrooms except the ones in building two and three. Mr. Conboy suggested the idea of sending the students to the gym’s bathrooms because the gym has more stalls, and it is located closer to the middle of the campus. So, they decided to lock down all bathrooms except the gym lobby bathroom for five days because the other bathrooms were unusable due to vandalism.   

Some students have been caught for vandalizing or destroying the bathrooms, but others have not. The people who have been caught were punished accordingly. Those other students may never be caught unless someone sees them doing it and tells an administrator or an administrator catches them.  

“If you see something, say something about what you saw” Principle DeLesline says. She wants us to hold each other accountable in a positive peer pressure way. If you were to tell an administrator about something you saw your identity would remain anonymous.