Lennard High School (Preview)

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the upcoming game against Lennard. The game starts on Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 7:30 pm. The game takes place at Lennard, so an away game.

The first question I asked; “What is something you want to implement performance wise into the players coming into this game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Well we played a lot better with more discipline, and protecting the football…so we want to continue to do that, and be more assignment sound, and make our plays when the opportunity rises.”

The second question; “Describe the rivalry with Lennard High?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Actually we’ve never played them before, this is our first time us playing them. We are in the northern district, we’ve always been in the southern district (playing). This is our first time going north with Lennard, and Eastbay, and Bloomingdale.”

And third times the charm; “What is your confidence level playing them?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Well in the three games we’ve lost. Having a combined record of 14 and 1. We feel good playing a tough schedule. We are battle-tested, and we are prepared to go and get our district win number 2. We beat Manatee that was district 1, and we feel very good.”


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