Covid-19 Issues

There have been over 100 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Palmetto High School since the first day of school this year. Those exposed to individuals who have tested positive to Covid-19 and those with the infection are being sent home to quarantine. Naturally, since the first day of school managing with the infection has been stressful for students, staff, and parents alike.  

This is how Palmetto High School is managing the infection. The process for students when they have been exposed to covid is that if they are not able to drive themselves’ home, then they must go to the isolation room and wait for their guardian to pick them up to go home. When they get home, they have to wait five days to take a Covid-19 test. If the test is negative, then you can return to school with proof of a negative test. If the test is positive with no symptoms, then the student can return on the eleventh day. While students are out, they should be doing their schoolwork if they are A-symptomatic. If the students are symptomatic then they have time to get their work done when they get back to school.  For teachers the protocols are the same as students. If the teachers can submit work for the sub to give to the students, they will do that. If the teachers are not able to do that then the Department Heads will help.  

     The staff is responsible for identifying potential cases, contract tracing; in order to identify those individuals who are potentially exposed, and finally placing phone calls to the parents to inform them that their child has been exposed to Covid-19 and now must quarantine. Parents now must assume the responsibility for picking up their child if needed and then getting them tested within the guidelines. Parents are also now responsible for providing an environment where their child can learn while being quarantined at home. 

For students, receiving the news of exposure to Covid-19 can lead to panic, stress, and worry. A positive test result, with symptoms, requires a mandatory ten-day quarantine at home. While students quarantine, they won’t have one on one time with their teachers and won’t be able to interact with their peers and friends. The students will have to do everything virtually for however long they are quarantined.  

Covid-19 is making it difficult to return to a normal school year. A school year without worrying about contracting a potentially lethal disease. Principle DeLesline says “that she wants to bring back the life, the spirt, and the fun of what high school really is this year. “