Manatee High School Game (Preview)

I interviewed Coach Marino to give you a story on what to expect before going to this Fridays anticipated game. This is how it went.

The first question I asked; “When is the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Friday night.”

Easy enough. My second question; “Where is the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Here at Palmetto High.”

Third question; “Describe your readiness and confidence level?”

Coach Marino’s response; “We’re very confident. We feel like we should be undefeated right now. We are very confident right now going into this game, and we will clean up the mistakes that we basically brought up onto ourselves.”

My fourth question; “If rivalry, what is it?”

Coach Marino’s response; “It’s a great rivalry. We are two and two these last four years. The home teams won all those games. We were home, we won, when we’re cross the river, they won. We are excited for the opportunity, we’re back home, hopefully that history will repeat itself that the home team wins.”


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