Riverview High School (Preview)

I had interviewed Coach Marino regarding to the upcoming Riverview High School game.

The first question I asked was; “When is the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Tomorrow night (Friday). September 10th at Riverview.”

The next question I asked was; “What’s your confidence playing against Riverview?”

Coach Marino’s response; “We had some even battles. They beat us last year, we beat them the previous two times. There a power-house. They’ve won regional championships, they’ve been a regional finalists as have we. There always good and exciting games, very close games. We expect the same thing tomorrow night (Friday).”

The third question I asked was; “Describe playing them in the past?”

Coach Marino’s response; “There a big, physical team. They have athlete’s, there very well coached. It’s always been a good match-up. We are probably a little bit, in terms of an advantage, I think, over the last ten times we’ve played, I think we’ve won 6 and they’ve won 4. Very evenly matched. Two heavy-weight programs, regional…finalists programs. We are looking forward to a another great game tomorrow night (Friday).”

The final question is; “If there is any rivalry, what is it?”

Coach Marino’s response; “It’s a rivalry in that we do get to play each other every year. They are a power-house in the Sarasota county area. It’s not a Manatee county rivalry, but it is a rivalry in the Sarasota-Manatee county rivalry, very similar to Venice and Manatee, and us and Riverview. We all play each other every year so sometimes where in the same districts with each other. There always an added level of intensity, because it’s a cross-county rivalry.”


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